How Coworking is changing towns and surrounding people

Coworking can serve as both a model and a hub for creating better communities at large. Most people can imagine what shared office space looks like. It’s harder to understand the larger economic benefits of participating in such a space until you experience it first hand. If you’re on the fence about joining a coworking space, here are some big picture positive impacts to think about.

Coworking will keep stellar talent in town

Coworking spaces are “office buildings” for those who had the talent to create their own job in our economy. Without coworking, many talented professionals in mid-sized urban areas will have to commute or move their families to bigger cities for more opportunities. For example, professionals travelling from small cities like Jaipur to bigger cities like Delhi for work. Coworking will help such professionals stay in their town, preserve their money, talent, and enthusiasm for use in their own local economy. Thus Coworking spaces can help revive the culture and spurt growth in towns and small cities.

Coworking supports small business

Small and Middle sized businesses are the lifeblood of a local economy. People in such businesses live and work and shop locally, and also take care about of their employees.

Most of the coworking desks are occupied by small businesses. It might be a freelance writer/designer or a new start-up company. Either way, these businesses are driving down unemployment rates for such small businesses by providing them tremendous opportunities to grow and expand. Joining a coworking space means these tiny businesses will have a safe place to grow and learn from more experienced members.

Coworking creates a network for collaborative consumption

The biggest thing on every worker’s mind is providing for their family – which includes a good education for their children, a good house to live in and of course, keeping the family well fed. Collaborative consumption means reusing, growing, renting, bartering and making instead of buying. But the sharing economy demands a network of friendly, trustworthy people to make it work. Like the people who work right next to you in a coworking space.

Yes, coworking allows you to share your professional expertise and network with other successful freelancers. But you could do that at a once a month meetup. What makes coworking unique is that the sharing of experiences and knowledge takes place on a much more personal level, like when you’re sipping tea with your coworkers in the cafeteria or while you’re driving to a movie theatre with them.

When a community is connected and open to sharing, people save money, learn new skills, and reduce the harmful impact on the environment. New ideas emerge, problems are solved in creative ways, and the community at large reaps all the rewards of a happy independent workforce.




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