Why Coworking Spaces are good for Women

There are really few women entrepreneurs and the statistics for women working in startups show that there is a serious misrepresentation of women in this industry.

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A throwback to our most memorable event here at WorkAmp Spaces! Oktoberfest brought more than a hundred people together to celebrate, enjoy and have fun at this festival.

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WorkAmp Nutella Day

We celebrated ‘Nutella Day’ at WorkAmp recently, bringing together our community for an event in which all Nutella-lovers can come together to relax after work and talk with other members of WorkAmp. Here’s a blog post on what happened in the event and a discussion on Nutella itself.

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Comedy Weekends at WorkAmp

Hi, everyone! We’re having a Stand-Up Comedy night here at WorkAmp on 20th May from 7:30 PM onwards. Our hosts for the evening are comedians Sonali Thakker and Siddharth Dudeja, whereas our lead performer for the evening is going to be the talented and experienced stand-up comedian as well as a magician – Karan Chauhan. […]

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